Chocoholic Baked Oreo Cheesecake

Tea time treats for your family...A perfect as-you-need it dessert!
Cheesecake generally pleases everyone, and who doesn’t love Oreos?

The filling contains chunks of coarsely chopped Oreo's within a sea of cream cheese .
Layer of creamy sour cream is a perfect balance of cream cheese taste

Our price for the standard design :

6" round cake =
RM 55

++Should be ordered at least 1 week ahead.
++Any variations in decoration from the standard design, qualifies for the "custom decoration" price.
++There is no charge for writing on cakes.
++Custom cake prices vary and will depend on the request.

We also have other designs for you to choose from . Just click on our 'Design Gallery' to view more.

Order your cake now.. :)

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